Emilee Davies

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My Story

The LFSA provided me with so many great opportunities as a UCLan Forensic Science & Criminal Investigation student which aided me in developing my knowledge, and skills of lab work and Crime Scene Investigation. The LFSA enabled me to conduct my dissertation research project at their HQ where I worked on a footwear comparison project using live case work. This allowed me to work in a real laboratory setting with authentic crime scene footwear evidence which was crucial for obtaining great results and a conclusion for my project.


I was also chosen by the LFSA to go out on a 3-day CSI placement which was the best experience of my university degree by far. I shadowed active CSI’s attending real life crime scenes allowing me to extended my knowledge of evidence recovery, the criminal justice system, and building rapports with victims of crime. This experience helped me build on skills and knowledge that I could not gain from mock crime scenes at UCLan. Everyone in the LFSA is so welcoming, friendly, and open to any questions you may have which makes your experience so enjoyable.