Crime Scene Tape

Amelia Sykes

CSI Placement

Hi, my name is Amelia but people know me as Millie.

I studied Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation at UCLAN, working closely with the Lancashire Forensic Science Academy throughout my degree, with the dream of becoming either a CSI or a detective.

In year 1 of university, I was informed about an opportunity to work with operational CSIs for work experience; provided by the LFSA who collaborate with UCLan to assist forensics students in pursuing their dreams.

My best piece of advice would be to take every opportunity you are given. You will not get an opportunity like this elsewhere unless you are already in the Constabulary. It’s a competitive process but one that will prepare you for applications and interviews once you begin applying for jobs.

I applied for the placement in year 3 of university, due to courses being online for year 2 because of Covid-19. The application was a series of questions based on real life scenarios, where you have demonstrated and upheld a certain skill, for example integrity or teamwork. The STAR format (Situation, Task, Action, Result) is crucial in this section and in the interview, so make sure each answer follows this format.

The interview is similar to the application process, this is your chance to sell yourself! What makes you different from everyone else?

The LFSA CSI placement is an amazing opportunity. If this is the career you wish to follow, then grab opportunities like this with both hands. 

During my last year at university, I applied to Lancashire Constabulary for a Police Constable job to specialise as a detective after two years. The process was challenging, involving an application, online assessment centre and then final interview, the LFSA helped me massively with these processes, due to the application and interview for the CSI placement requesting similar responses. I took feedback given in my interview with the LFSA to assist with my interview for Lancashire Constabulary by adapting and improving my responses. I learnt that you must be determined to succeed, and through lots of preparation and an understanding of the Constabulary, know that anything is possible. Luckily, thanks to the help of the LFSA they loved my interview and offered me the job which I began in July 2022. I am excited to start a new journey and overcome any challenges with an open mind.

All I can say is, take any opportunity offered by the LFSA, push yourself beyond what you are capable of, be determined to face challenges and aim high. You can do it just like I did. 

Millie :) 

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