The LFSA Club .

The LFSA Club Membership is an executive offer carefully designed to answer the specific needs and requirements of our customers, partners and supporters while nurturing the Academy vision to become internationally recognized for outstanding education, training, innovation, research and delivery of forensic science.


Becoming the LFSA Club Member is a long-term investment in your future. You will be able to access exclusive content, offers as well as participate in special by-invitation-only events and even win awards. The membership will allow you to gain access to experts, practitioners and leaders in their own field.


The beginnings are simple, just select the right for your level of the available membership options, purchase and receive a confirmation and a welcome letter, and you are ready. Your journey will start from there.

Access resources such as learning aids, case studies based on real-life scenarios, videos and much more.

Access exclusive offers with discounts up to 45% off the asking price.

Get invitations to exclusive events including industry ceremonies, awards, launches, guest speaker events and more.

Get a special discount code to use while shopping with us.

Spend on a range of benefits we offer, such as tickets to conferences, research trials invitations and entries to prestigious presentations for experts.


Plus the more you learn with us through the LFSA CPD courses the more benefits you'll unlock, like priority notifications about publications and book launches, research studies announcements, internships and placements available for both students and professionals, and also have a chance to be a guest speaker at our Forensic Lounge sofa to discuss this and that about forensics. To enjoy all the benefits of the LFSA Club, join us today.


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Choose your Membership Plan

  • Silver Membership

    Every year
    Access online classes, consultations, discounts
    • Networking events
    • Access to digital resources including reports, case studies
    • Themed workshops
    • 25% discount on all products in e-store
    • Unlimited career opportunities and recruitment advice
  • Grey Membership

    Every year
    Special offers for professional courses
    • Access to 1-2-1 consultations with experts
    • 20% discount on all products in our e-store
    • Certificates of courses completion for students
  • Red Membership

    Every year
    Perfect for students and under 18's
    • Access to digital content
    • 10% discount to use in our e-store
    • Learning aids, templates
    • Discounts on selected workshops and other learning events


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