Gabriela A. Mroz

Gabriela is a PhD researcher based at the University of Central Lancashire, supervised by Professor Anna Williams.

Gabi has a BSc (with honours) in Criminology with Applied Psychology, a distinction in MSc Forensic Science, where she majored in Forensic Anthropology and minored in Forensic Toxicology, and currently undertaking interdisciplinary PhD-level research in order to establish the effects of drugs on the identification of human remains.

The research lies where forensic anthropology meets toxicology, exploring the long-term usage of drugs and medication on skeletal system and how his can help forensic investigators, when skeletal remains are all that is found. 

Her interests reside in the combination of two disciplines to achieve expertise in research, which would allow Gabi to become first known Anthrotoxicologist. She is also passionate about human decomposition studies.


When Gabi is not exploring the captivating world of forensic science, she enjoys reading, dancing, practicing yoga and mindfulness.





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