Ibukunoluwa E. Olowe

Ibukunoluwa is from Osun state, Nigeria. He studied B.Sc. Physiology at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. During his undergraduate years, he developed the desire to study Forensic science at the postgraduate level to gain the necessary knowledge and experience to help the forensic sector in Nigeria. After the completion of his physiology degree, he moved to the U.K to study M.Sc. Forensic & Analytical Science at the University of Huddersfield, in which he got a distinction grade. Ibukunoluwa was taught modules such as Forensic Chemistry, Biology, Crime Scene Awareness, Advanced Separation Techniques, Advanced Forensic Skills and an extensive research project. Through these modules, he gained experiences in forensic fields and techniques like DNA profiling, Bloodstain-Pattern Analysis, Anthropology, gas and liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry and toxicology. The knowledge gained during his masters, most notably in the forensic anthropology and taphonomy modules, spurred him to go for a PhD and further his experience in forensic research.


He is currently in the second year of his PhD research on water Conditions and decomposition Rates.





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