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Louise Zamojskyj

Louise is a MSc Forensic Science (Forensic Anthropology) Student from the University of Huddersfield, currently completing my final project. Specifically, she is focusing on pollen as trace evidence, by investigating the retention and distribution of palynological evidence throughout human decomposition. To research this, a retrospective analysis on forensic casework from both the UK and worldwide was conducted. 

Before starting her MSc, Louise achieved a First-Class BSc Degree in Criminology (2016-2019) also attained at the University of Huddersfield, where her fascination for crime and forensics grew even further, by exploring modules such as Contemporary and Comparative Criminology, Profiling and Investigating Serious Crime, Offenders and Mental Disorder and Substance Misuse and Crime. Her undergraduate dissertation “Perceptions of Women Offenders”, which received a first, focused on how students believed women offenders be portrayed, focusing on three discourses from the literature – Mad, Bad or Sad.

Louise has had an avid interest in true crime and forensics for years, always keeping up to date with any crime documentaries, books, and unsolved mysteries. This is what has inspired her ambitions to go into a forensics career, such as CSI. 



Pollen as Trace Evidence