Maximising Forensic Potential in Sexual Offence Investigations

This two-day course will provide you with up-to-date information relating to current techniques and advancements in sexual offences investigations and will also cover interpretation of evidence. The course will include theory and practical sessions covering all aspects of sexual offences. By the end of the course, you will be able to recognise the forensic evidence potential in sexual offences cases, recover appropriate samples and make quality submissions to your Forensic Service Providers (FSP) to achieve the maximum evidential value for the case.


This course is aimed at CSIs, CSMs, any officers that may be involved in investigating sexual offences and Forensic Submissions Units. The course will be delivered by: Alison Chadwick who has over a decade of experience as a CSI and CSM in Lancashire Constabulary as well as Anna Sheikh, a Police Forensic Specialist with over 20 years experience of reporting sexual offences cases. In addition to this, Anna has been a member of a focus group for sexual offences cases, trained and mentored Forensic Scientists and Forensic Examiners and delivered sexual offences training to police officers in Greater Manchester Police for several years. Anna currently delivers training to Lancashire Constabulary officers in dedicated sexual offence investigation teams and provides pre-submission advice.


Aims and Learning Outcomes:

· Awareness of the legislation and policy in relation to sexual offence investigations

· Understanding of the potential difficulties inherent in sexual offences investigations

· Discuss the types of sexual offences and the different bodily fluids associated

· Describe the methods used locate, recover, package, and preserve exhibits from persons and at sexual        assault scenes

· Describe the testing methods available o bodily fluids at both the scene and laboratory including                  confirmatory tests

· Understand the purpose and evidential value of evidence taken from victims, suspects, and scenes

· Discuss the specialist support available and when to call for assistance

This course is running on 15th and 16th February 2023. To find out more or book please email