The big launch. CSC Series 1 .

- Launch of Crime Scene Coordination course -

The Lancashire Forensic Science Academy is excited to share the news of announcing the launch of a brand new Crime Scene Coordination course and to mark the occasion on the 1st February 2021.

The course was launched by Caroline Gray, CSM Forensic Trainer, along with the Academy coordinators, staff, as well as senior representatives of one of the parent organizations, Lancashire Constabulary. Key related members of the industry and professionals actively involved practically in the field attended this very special event.

New Way of Teaching

The beginning of 2021 brought to light a new dimension of teaching where accommodating such safety elements as face masks and anti-bacterial wipes are the new standard features present on the desktops of the Lancashire Forensic Science Academy students and delegates. For many organizations the era of COVID-19 which started in 2020 indicated a suspension of face-to-face teaching putting in threat many professionals by restricting their access to training. The LFSA has taken a different approach and against all odds has continued face-to-face teaching while also introduced a portfolio of new courses including Crime Scene Coordination that was launched in February 2021.

This training is dedicated to preparing the next generation of coordinators within the crime scene environment and has been uniquely designed by experienced crime scene managers working within the field of forensic sciences for over 20 years. Tutorials include principles of coordinating crime scenes utilizing professional reflections and theoretical foundations related to the subject, the specific roles of professionals including in the process of coordinating scenes as well as the strategic approach that guides the full event and other subjects including a review of a process of coordination as well as an approach to promoting equality and diversity within the role of crime scene coordinator.

The revolutionary time of change

As one of Crime Scene Manager and Trainers at the LFSA commented:

“Every year we take an active approach to offer new courses for professionals working in forensic science field at various levels. This year has been revolutionary in many ways such as the requirement to adapt quickly to various changeable circumstances as well as the need to be more agile to diverse scenarios. The Academy 2021 marks a year of keeping connections through learning while offering inspiration through education and new courses that can help some of us find our way through these unusual and touch times.

And continued:

“We have introduced this Crime Scene Coordination course to encourage professionals to undertake a proactive approach to their careers by creating these new services that within week-long experience delegates manage to gain an advanced understanding of the field of coordinating crime scenes. The promise to participants is to raise confidence and audacity within crime scene coordination, inject deep understanding of foundations necessary to the professionalism of coordinators within the field of the crime scene”.

Flexibility to learn

At the Academy students are at the heart of what we do therefore we continuously engage with them by seeking feedback to give them the option to choose the next step in their career that best suits them across various professional and personal commitment. And regardless of where individuals are at the stage of their development, personalized recommendations are always available per request.

The art of simplicity

Understanding that the complexity of particular subjects can create unnecessary obstacles on the journey to bettering understanding of professional conduct gives the LFSA trainers an advantage in the way they translate complicated matters into more simplified learning experiences. We believe that education can be accessible to anyone eager to heighten their development therefore we continuously strive to improve our core offer. This new Crime Scene Coordination course was being prepared to start the journey of possible adjustments that in the future will answer the vivid need of the industry.

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