The LFSA visit Parklands Academy

On Tuesday 19th July 2022 the LFSA attended Parklands Academy in Chorley to deliver a CSI workshop for year 8 and 9 pupils during their learning challenge week.

The Who’s Done It? Challenge was led by teachers at the school to look at how science can help solve crimes. Alison and Heather, CSI tutors, from the LFSA gave a 1 day input explaining to students the role of a CSI and various types of forensic evidence.

Students learnt about the different types of crime and who responds to which level.

They explored the key responsibilities of a CSI before engaging in a PPE race. This consisted of students racing to put on the PPE a CSI is required to wear when attending a crime scene (scene suit, overshoes, double gloves, hood, mask). The students were also introduced to Locard’s Principle, “Every Contact Leaves A Trace”.

Later in the session, students were given the opportunity to get hands on with some forensic evidence recovery methods. This included students learning how to enhance a fingerprint on a window using aluminium powder, taking footwear marks using gel lifts and taking a DNA swab.

Students enjoyed taking their own fingerprints.

Fun fact... Did you know that Koalas have the same fingerprints as humans?

Overall, students really enjoyed the day and the input from the LFSA. One student said “Today was really fun, I got to understand what forensic science really is”. At the LFSA we like to help our local community and play a part in teaching the next generation of forensic investigators.

Please contact to discuss the LFSA delivering a workshop at your school.