Research Facilities .

The LFSA houses internationally-renowned academics and practitioners who undertake cutting-edge research to solve real-life challenges and problems posed by operational crime scene investigators, forensic scientists, as well as police officers. Offering validation of equipment, method development and method validation, the research facilities accommodate a spectrum of diverse projects within various fields of forensic sciences. 

Through the partnering collaboration with the University of Central Lancashire, the Academy offers opportunities to students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels to carry out ground-breaking research in state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities, with access to forensic science experts. As a result of the collaboration with Lancashire Constabulary, LFSA course delegates or researchers have access to operational scientific support facilities.

On-site Facilities

Research Facilities at the University of Central Lancashire

Research Equipment

  • Fingerprint Bureau

  • Footwear Analysis

  • Regional Drugs Facility for Drug Identification

  • Blood Pattern Analysis

  • Body Fluid Analysis Laboratory

  • Simulated Crime Scene Houses and Vehicles

  • Fire and Explosion Simulated Scenes Reconstructions

  • Detection Dog Handlers and Instructors

  • Archeological Human Osteological Collection [Village Farm on long-term loan from the University of Sheffield]

  • "Digital House" 

  • Optical Microscopy

  • Comparison Microscopy

  • Alternative Light Sources

  • Digital SLR Cameras and Tripods

  • Superglue Fume Hoods

  • GCMS for VOC analysis


Research in practice

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