Diversity Mode .

Diversity, inclusion and equality inspire our thinking, choosing and driving progress.

The story of the Academy began with a collaboration agreement between three organisations, the Lancashire Constabulary, the University of Central Lancashire and the Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire to elevate progress in the forensics industry, making science, training and research accessible for a wider audience across the region, the UK and the globe. 

Since its inception, the Lancashire Forensic Science Academy has been focused on bridging the communication gaps in science and Higher Education creating an inspiring environment by creating an inspiring environment of fresh concepts, new skills and different backgrounds. By diversifying our skillsets we create better opportunities for sustainability, balance and constant improvement. 

Today, the Academy is still in its infancy years but proudly represents an expanding, diverse team of people who represent different cultures, education pathways, professions and talents. Believing in individuals’ uniqueness and bringing diverse minds from various social backgrounds together, we aim to create a productive and inspiring working environment at the Academy. 
Our focus is to relentlessly form an environment by a constant effort we put into nurturing talents within our team and a place that is inclusive of every one of us, where open dialogue and welcoming change atmosphere define our organizational spine, which then contributes to nurturing our commitment to being better in what we do.

The LFSA team members believe in making the world a place that supports others in finding own unique pathways and accelerating their potential. We believe diversity to be a direct contributor to excellence and driving sustainable growth. 

Each member of the Academy has an equal voice in expressing their view, insights, dreams and believes, therefore to ensure our voices are heard, we would like to invite you to view our perspective on what diversity means to us today:

Diversity is the chance to be free from limitations that are created by imbalance, whether social, cultural, organizational or economic. It is the light that directs our choices rooted in values. It is the inspiration behind making bold and innovative decisions. It is the true image of who we are, founded on pride, self-esteem, confidence in our capabilities and the appreciation for differences. The difference that elevates and creates new perspectives, not a difference that destroys and belittles. Diversity is the hope for innovation that supports growth and simplifies complexity.



Dr A A Drzewiecka,
Designer, Philosopher, Researcher

At Lancashire Forensic Science Academy the spirit of diversity, equality and inclusion is embedded in the way we treat each other, our partners, our students, our researchers and others. The concept of diversity as the medium for innovation allows building new bridges and discovering unseen pathways. Working collaboratively across teams, organizations, different cultures gives us more chances to find solutions to challenging matters. Learn more about our corporate social responsibility initiatives here.