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This space offers a preview of the multidisciplinary catalogue of professional development courses uniquely designed, developed and delivered by experts for practitioners in the fields of forensic, science, policing, crime scene investigators, students, and other interested people.


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I believe that this course boosted my confidence for returning to force and encouraged me to believe in myself when making decisions at scenes, as well as providing me with the skills needed to be a competent CSI.
- Malika G. O'Neill, CSI, Merseyside Police



“It is definitely a necessary step in the development process.
We wouldn't be half the CSIs we are without the training."

Stephanie McGill / CSI / Merseyside Police

“The course [ CSI Stage 1 ] was extremely informative and provided me with the fundamental skills needed, to be able to confidently examine volume crime scenes back in force. "

Malika G. O'Neill / CSI / Merseyside Police

“It gives us a level of confidence to be able to fix any problems we encounter when at scenes by ourselves. "

Poppy Smith / CSI / Merseyside Police